International Standards For Exceptional Products

HDL products conform to four standard, and internationally accepted protocols. Our products have been inspected and certified by:

  • KNX- The KNX association is the world leader in standardised home and building automation. To become certified by KNX, products must be inspected and tested to ensure their interoperability. [Read more..]
  • DALI- Alternatively known as Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, is a standard that ensures uniform illumination levels are achieved regardless of a components manufacturer. [Read more..]
  • ZigBee- The ZigBee Alliance consists of a group of companies that allow multiple manufacturers to create interoperable products. [Read more..]
  • Z-wave- The Z-Wave Alliance consists of over 250 manufactures who create interoperable products. [Read more..]

Due to the certification and inspection procedures HDL is able to provide automation solutions that meet the requirements set forth by these industry leaders.