The Intelligent Home Special committee was created by the Chinese National Furniture Association to promote and develop automation technology.

Headed by the chairman of HDL, Mr. Liang, the committee held its first meeting of 2016 in the HDL headquarters.

To begin the conference, Mr. Liang, the chairman of HDL, announced that;
“We are here today to discuss how we can improve the current automation technology already developed, and how we can further integrate our technologies with each other’s products. 2016 will be defined as the first year of cross-border smart home integration and development.”

Representatives from Midea, Nanjing IOT sensing, purple things together, Xiamen ABB, Ourui Bo, and a host of other Chinese electronics manufactures were in attendance, so that for the first time ever all major Chinese automation producers were able to meet with the aim of mutual collaboration.

With speeches from various industry leaders, it was agreed that all parties would strengthen links with electrical suppliers, and increase the compatibility of their systems.

Through this dual approach not only will building automation solutions gain more acceptance, but become more integrated into peoples everyday lives.

To mark the end of the first Intelligent Home Special committee meeting of 2016, the director of HDL UK, LeeByrnes addressed the audience saying;
“Over the last five years we have seen an enormous increase in the popularity of building automation systems. Five years is a short time span, but in these past five years we have seen technological breakthroughs which were previously unimaginable.”

He went on to add;
“With the world ready to accept the advantages of automation, new products and systems need to be created. This gives all automation manufactures a great opportunity, but only if we work together. Apart we can make small changes, but working together we can change the very shape of the industry.”