As part of the HDL commitment to providing qualified dealers and distributors, we are proud to announce that we will be holding the 20th HDL international training course at the HDL headquarters from the 5th to the 9th of April.

The course will primarily focus on providing attendees with the latest Buspro, Buspro Wireless, and KNX programming information. With a secondary focus on the latest additions to the HDL solution range, and how previously installed modules can be maintained or replaced.

All HDL training courses are designed to provide attendees with the very latest information, in a simple and easy to digest manner. Delivered in both Mandarin and English learners are able to ask questions, and use the HDL demo cases to actively demonstrate and test the new information they have received.

HDL training courses are an essential element in proving end users with an optimized, and trouble free automation installation. As such the 20th HDL international training course, is free of charge enabling all to attend.

To find out more about the 20th HDL international training course, please contact your local sales representative, or send an email to: