Working in partnership with HDL UK, the Cleverhouse team have just finished installing full HDL automation solutions into a stunning Scottish home.

Located in Inverness-shire, the home occupies an enviable position with picturesque views over the surrounding hills. Working with the owners the Cleverhouse installers were able to design a system which unites two seemingly opposing concepts, these being modesty and power.

The HDL system they chose to install provides the owners of the home with full lighting, shading, HVAC, and background audio automation, enabling the building to be managed effortlessly.

As the Cleverhouse team told us;
“From the same light switch the client can control heating, electric curtains and even turn on their music system.   One switch to rule them all keeps the client’s wall clear and stops the modern problem of wall acne. HDL’s sleek switches allow the client the simplicity of a single button push for control while also giving options to set scenes and moods to suit their lifestyle.”

Any home regardless of size or age can benefit from being automated, with reduced energy costs and increased convenience and security.

As both the wired and wireless HDL systems are available, it doesn’t matter if your home is 100 years old or 1 week old, your perfect automation solution is waiting for you.

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